Welcome to Olive Tree Farm

We are the Wallsworth family, and we originally came to Spain in 2003. We are Rosemary and Greg (aka ‘Mum and Dad’), sons Ben (with partner Liz) and Nick, daughter Emma, and the grandchildren: Felicity, Jessica and Logan.

2014 is when the big change happened. We decided to create Olive Tree Farm, and this website along with our Facebook page. They will feature our attempts at self-sufficiency; what we are doing, what we have learned and what more we plan to do.

We have come a long way over the last 10 year journey, and have stayed together as a close-knit family. You know the phrase, “The family that eats together, stays together” … well, boy do they eat! So the decision to create a self-sufficient life starts out with how to bring food to the table; eating our own meat and vegetables. We are also going to try at making our own cheeses, jams, pickles, butters… anything that we can eat on a daily basis, and learn to preserve when we (hopefully!) have too much.

As we embark on this incredible journey, we hope to bring you along with us. Have a visit to our Videos page – and if that catches your fancy, why not subscribe to our Youtube Channel? Our aim isn’t solely to create a self-sufficient life, but to record our achievements and hurdles so that perhaps others can learn from our errors. We will be posting video tutorials and posts on skinning and cleaning meat, raising livestock, rules of planting vegetables, preserving methods and more!

Now, we’re not going to start demanding for money, but if you found any information on this site useful, enjoyed our videos or merely come to read our monthly magazine articles, just a €1.00 donation could help towards unexpected veterinary fees or emergency animal housing/pen repairs. Thank you!
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