Wood Crafts

A small selection of signsNow that we are working from home, we are able to add  new interests to our daily life. We have always loved crafts of all kinds having been to art school when younger, and that along with our love of wood has brought about our new craft of making wooden signs and Olive Wood Tea Light holders….

keep calm and gardenWe have been collecting “interesting” pieces of wood for a number of years, and often wondered what we could do with them. Each piece is unique and has a different character, and a different bit of history to tell if only they could talk!

We have got a number of finished signs ready for sale, and  have a collection of carefully prepared wood ready for painting with words that mean something to an individual person.

In the garden

As well as signs, we are also crafting Olive Wood candle holders……The Olive Wood is a beautifully grained wood and once cleaned and sanded and polished, the candle holders make a stunning centre piece for any table whether indoors or outdoors.

So if you are interested in having us create something special for you or perhaps as a gift for someone, then fill in our Order Form and we will make one to your requirements.

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  1. Chris Large says:

    Please could you contact me regarding the black and white pallet board album covers that I looked at last Saturday. I do not have your phone number.

    Thanks .

    Chris Large

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