The Farmhouse Kitchen

With the farm becoming a growing success, we needed to re-discover those age-old methods of preserving and recycling our food – nothing gets wasted!

We have had a go at canning our tomatoes, making chutneys, pickles and our own jams using fruit from our trees (we have plum, lemons, limes, oranges, figs and pomegranates) and goat’s cheese.

Nick has also really got the hang of smoking our own meat – you haven’t tasted pork like it before!

Emma has also created a beautiful garden which contains a wide collection of herbs – for cooking and medicinal purposes – and let me tell you, they have been really handy for animal cures. She also has a fine selection which is in the Greenhouse.


We have also been experimenting with new ways of cooking that is simple, tasty and so healthy. You can find some of Rosemary’s recipes in the drop-down menu from The Farmhouse Kitchen link. And if you like them, just wait for the ebook to find more!

All of our left-overs are recylced back through the farm – vegetable peelings, tops, and general left-overs from meals are fed right back to the animals. Even the meat and fish – no we do not force cannibalism on the animals, but a bit of fish for the chickens is great (as well as raw livers!).


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