When we bought the house, we also received approximately a ½ acre parcel of land that was home to 70+ Olive Trees.

Sad to say, we rather neglected them for about 10 years due to other commitments. In 2014, however, things changed. We chose to attempt a self-sufficient life, and to have our own Olive Oil would be a great benefit to us.

Olive Trees.. Before fencing
Before the field was fenced..

We ordered the water and gave them a good amount… We were told that we wouldn’t get many – if any – olives for the first year, but we were surprised to find that we did! And it wasn’t just a few – we had enough to take to the press.

We were very pleased, and kept on top of the trees ever since – and it seems with every year we are getting more and more olives.

2016 - Fenced and Full of Life
2016 – Fenced and Full of Life

During the winter months, we irrigate monthly. Whereas between May and September, it is a fort-nightly affair.

We do not irrigate 2-3 weeks before picking, so the trees aren’t shocked.

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