Asparagus wrapped in Serrano Ham


5 asparagus spears per person

Serrano ham – one half slice per bunch of asparagus spears

Salt & black pepper

Olive oil

One clove of garlic


Holding each spear of asparagus individually, bend it until the woody end snaps off. Place 5 spears together and wrap the ham around them to hold them together. Drizzle or spray with Olive oil, a few twists of black pepper and a sprinkle of salt. Finally grate a little garlic over them. When you are ready, bake for around 15 mins at 200deg C. Serve whilst warm.

That’s it! Nothing fancy, really easy and they look lovely when presented.

Tip: Keep the woody ends that you have snapped off and freeze in a bag. Every time you use asparagus, for whatever you are making, add the woody ends to the bag. When you have enough, these can then be used to make asparagus soup, which I make in the pressure cooker and cooks them quickly, until lovely and soft and ready to blend. You need about 500g (1lb) to make a decent amount of soup.