Breed We Have

Meme was bought as a young lamb. The local goat man came to see us with her to ask if we wanted to buy her – Meme’s mother had died and she would have too on her own. We took her on and bottle-fed her until she was old enough to wean onto solid food. It took a little bit of digging and investigation to find out her breed and now we have it: she is a Lojeña. Predominantly a meat-sheep, and found all over Andalucía. Luckily for Meme, we love her to bits – she is our pet.


What She Eats

Meme lives on a diet akin to the goats: commerical goat food, but also supplemented with greens from around the farm. We also give her and the goats olive branches, which we tie up on string as they like to stretch up.  They also enjoy a variety of weeds, alfalfa and hay.



Meme also lives with the goats – meaning a posh wooden shed! Sheep aren’t fussy, as long as they have somewhere to shelter from the wind and the scorching sun then they are happy.

Breeding & Lambs

Unfortunately this will be a short one. As Meme is our pet – and only sheep – we don’t breed her. This may be a future venture; if so, this section of the page will be updated.

Care & Maintenance

We keep an eye on and trim her hooves occasionally, to prevent the hoof from ingrowing into her foot. We also shear her towards the end of Spring / early Summer so she can cope with the heat better – which as a bonus provides us with Lanolin to create soaps and moisturizers. When it gets really hot, she also likes a good spray-down with water to cool her off – much different from the goats who seem to hate getting wet.

If you do get a lamb, it is probably advisable to have their tails docked – as we should have done. It gets covered in her droppings and urine, which can then become very dirty and prone to inviting diseases and infections.

Illnesses, Problems & Treatments

 After looking into and researching all of the common diseases that can be found in sheep, it is hard to pin-point what I should list here on the website, and I loathe to miss anything out. So, to give you a hand, here is a website that contains everything you need to know on the common diseases and treatments for sheep! If you have any questions for us at all about sheep, we will do our utmost to help you with what knowledge we have. Contact us at

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