February 17th at Olive Tree Farm

2 day old chicksWe are now on our second batch of eggs in the incubator. Our first 11 that hatched are all doing really well and growing fast! The current batch consists of 18 chicken eggs (16 look promising after candling earlier today)….
We have also included 11 2 baby quailsChinese Painted Quail eggs, which despite candling we cannot see through them as they are so tiny and have incredibly thick shells.
Up at the farm, we have mended the roof on the Chicken Coop as it was badly damaged in last weeks 120 miles per hour gusts of wind; reinforced the pigs gate, and worked some more on the new fence keeping the animals away from the new Spring veg patch……
baby and bottle topThe pictures show last years baby Chinese Painted Quails; they are an ornamental aviary bird which we sell to the local pet store, and are not much bigger than a bumble bee when they first hatch, and the blue container with water in is the top off a 5 litre bottle of water, just to give an idea of how tiny they are!

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