Christmas Craft Fairs with Olive Tree Farm

Christmas Stall 2014
Our stall by candlelight

It has been a busy few weeks here at Olive Tree Farm…… as well as baking seasonal cakes and making Chutney from as many of our home grown vegetables as possible, we have also developed our own Olive Wood Candle holders and hand painted signs.



Seasonal Wooden Signs
Seasonal Hand Painted Wooden Signs

Using reclaimed wood for the signs, they are cleaned, sanded to a smooth finish and then hand painted with popular phrases and images and then after a light spray of varnish to seal the painting, they are then given a number of coats of varnish to finish.





Olive Wood T Light Holder
Olive Wood T Light Holder

The candle holders are made from carefully selected pieces of Olive Wood. They are first worked on for many hours with various tools to remove bark and rough bits and then sanded to a silky smooth finish and after making the holes for either slim tall candles or T.lights, they are given numerous coats of varnish which brings out the grain on the wood beautifully.


Under the Marquee
Under the Marquee

We bought a marquee to take to the craft fairs which gave us lots of room to hang the signs from, and using wooden crates and boxes we were able to create a lovely stall on various levels which showed off all our work to a treat!

We baked fresh bread each day to take with us and cut into little squares on which we placed tasters of Chutney……almost everyone that tried them bought one and it has been a huge success. We made Rich Fruit Cakes in the traditional British style, each packed with currants, sultanas, raisins, cherries, candied citrus peel and lovely spices…..

Dundee Cake
Dundee Cake

We also baked a traditional Scottish favourite…..Dundee Cakes. Using sultanas soaked in the finest Scotch Whiskey, and lots of our home grown Almonds, again we had tasters and many people bought either a full cake or slices to take home… really is a delicious cake and had our own Orange marmalade in them, and of course our own fresh free range eggs.

We had quite a few people that had bought the candle holders as a gift, return to another fair on a different day asking for one more candle holder as they liked them so much…..on one of the fairs which was held late afternoon and into the evening we lit lots of the candles and it really did look magical.

If anyone would like to see more of what we have been up to recently, then do please visit us on facebook here is the link….. and give us a LIKE on the button at the top of our page, that way you will be able to keep up with our daily posts…..


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