What a week!

One of the coops
One of the coops

It has been a very busy week here at Olive Tree Farm, and there have quite a few ups and downs….. Having animals is hard work. Making sure they are safely housed, fed a good diet, exercised, put to bed in the evening and let out early hours, takes a lot of time. We prepare all the feed at the house, and use left over vegetable peelings and broken rice all cooked down which we add to wheat. No bread gets wasted either. If we don’t use stale bread for toast or puddings, then in that goes as well…..


Some of home made crafts
Some of home made crafts

The downs have been the somewhat inclement weather which resulted in horrendous winds and damage to the animals housing, which is now under repair…..all this was using up valuable creative time that we need for our craft work. We worked all hours the past week; baking, making, creating Olive Oil beauty products, packaging, printing…..well I say printing, that was great until Emma tripped with the printer and now it will not print…..another thing that will have to be repaired, we hope!….


Our 2 baby goats
Our 2 baby goats

Our 2 baby goats which we have had for just 2 weeks have settled in, but one of them did not like the bottle…..so again time has been spent encouraging her to feed…..often 20 minutes to take just an ounce…..she suddenly got the hang of it yesterday evening, and has already had 10 ounces this morning…. so from a frustrating time consuming down, we have an up!


Some of our new hatchlings
Some of our new hatchlings

We have had intermittent power the past few days, which as we had 16 chicks about to hatch was worrying…..luckily though all 16 did hatch, and are now chirping away in the brooding box. We made our own brooding box using a large plastic container, sat in an even larger polystyrene box. Nick cut some wood for a lid, and then fitted on the spare incubator lid which is far safer than using a heat lamp to the top. We can now relax knowing it is safe and that we can check the temperature with both an inside thermometer and the main reading on the incubator lid. We also have 2 fertile goose eggs in another incubator…. we candled them just yesterday and they are looking great! Geese are completely new to us, so it will interesting to watch how they progress.

Today (Saturday) should have been our main market day. This is how we earn our money and why our time during the week is so important. But today the weather has destroyed our plans…..the market has suffered severe damage from the storms over the past 2 days, last nights weather in particular was scary! Stalls were all broken and ripped, people who left their goods there will have no doubt lost a lot of money, it is very sad to see this happen. For Olive Tree Farm however, thanks to a good friend we have been able to set up our stall within the shop she owns, so yet another down has turned positive!

That’s about it for this post, but if anyone is interested in seeing more about Olive Tree Farm, please see our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Olive-Tree-Farm/192628504275135?ref=hl and give us a LIKE, so keep up with our daily adventures…..

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