Mum, can I have a goat for Christmas?

With Christmas just weeks away, and no doubt the children are already planning their gifts…. Olive Tree Farm decided to do something different!

Mi MiWe have a wonderful selection of animals here, goats, pigs, a sheep, and a variety of birds, all of which are keepers, and all of which give huge enjoyment to the people that come to see them.

So many times, we have heard the question “Mum, can we have a goat?” …. The answer is usually a no, for obvious reasons. So we have come up with an idea for a gift with a difference that gives you, or someone you love the chance to become part owner of an animal, without the headache of all the trappings that usually come with it!

For a donation of just 25€ you get a photo of the animal you have chosen, and 3 newsletters a year updating you on their progress. Your donation will help us provide special treats, pay for vet visits should we need to, and upgrade their living accommodation. You can join us on Face Book as well of course to see what they are up to on a daily basis ……

If you would like to see the first selection of cuties that we have put together, then take a look on here by following this link!…..

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Follow our progress on Face Book by clicking here…..

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