Scrambled egg experiment

So you are thinking about living a healthier lifestyle, but are not sure where to start…..well what about having your own free range chickens as a starting point? Apart from the enjoyment of watching your hens pottering about all day, there is a constant joy from collecting fresh eggs each day and they are a…

Barnevelder Cockerels For Sale

We currently have 3 Double Laced Barnevelder cockerels for sale. They were hatched April 30th 2014 and are now ready for sale. They are a medium to large bird weighing around 4 – 4.5kg when fully grown. They are 35€ each and are the first in the Almeria area. Hens will be available in 2015….

Spring is in the air…..

Spring is in the air at Olive Tree Farm….. It’s planting time … We have spent the last few months accumulating piles of  horse manure (courtesy of the local stables, Rancho Luz del Sol), which together with our own dung from the pigs, chickens and goats, added up to about a ton of fantastic fertiliser….

February Update

When we came to Spain, 10 years ago, we had a vague notion of achieving a level of self sufficiency. You know the kind of thing – growing some vegetables, maybe keeping a few chickens ….. Work commitments and life in general meant that we just never seemed to get around to actually doing it,…

February 17th at Olive Tree Farm

We are now on our second batch of eggs in the incubator. Our first 11 that hatched are all doing really well and growing fast! The current batch consists of 18 chicken eggs (16 look promising after candling earlier today)…. We have also included 11 Chinese Painted Quail eggs, which despite candling we cannot see…